What We Pay For Press Release

By What We Pay For | 10/21/2010 5:17:00 PM | Comments: 0
New Press Release


WhatWePayFor.com Grass Roots Website Seeks to Create Clarity and Transparency in Government Spending by Breaking Down Each Individual Taxpayer’s Burden

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – October 12, 2010 – “The complexity of the American tax system can be over-whelming,” says Louis Garcia, co-creator of a new website that seeks to alleviate this problem. The site, www.WhatWePayFor.com, has become enormously popular in the month since its launch. On a single day i continue reading...

What We Pay For's First Blog Post

By What We Pay For | 9/13/2010 11:18:02 PM | Comments: 1
Welcome to What We Pay For!

We’re used to doing this sort of thing at work, but this is our first web application to a non-captive audience, something for our families, friends, and the world. It’s exciting to say the least! And already we’re dreaming of bigger. A website with charts, account-level pages with context and information edited by users (similar to Wikipedia), and commentary.

As taxpayers, we’re responsible to hold our government accountable for the services it provides. Having a better understanding continue reading...

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