We’re used to doing this sort of thing at work, but this is our first web application to a non-captive audience, something for our families, friends, and the world. It’s exciting to say the least! And already we’re dreaming of bigger. A website with charts, account-level pages with context and information edited by users (similar to Wikipedia), and commentary.

As taxpayers, we’re responsible to hold our government accountable for the services it provides. Having a better understanding of where our money goes empowers us to better influence our government to spend where it matters the most. This website will help bridge the psychological gap between us and our government. What will be the outcome? It’s too early to tell. But we hope that we can get Americans more involved in understanding how our government spends our money and encourage them to reconnect by becoming politically involved.

We encourage you to explore our website, learn more about our theory, and participate on our discussion boards.

Best wishes, WhatWePayFor.com