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FTX app

The FTX app, formerly known as Blockfolio, is extremely popular in the crypto community. The app allows crypto traders and investors to automatically keep track of their portfolio. In addition, one can also keep a close eye on the latest news. Recently, you can also read Crypto news articles directly within the FTX app! This has made the app a true one-stop shop for crypto enthusiasts.

According to FTX, over six million people are using the app to buy, sell, and track their crypto coins. It is one of the most updated crypto apps, offering over 10,000 different coins, the latest crypto news, and the latest updates from FTX.

From Blockfolio to FTX

For those who have been active in crypto for a bit longer, Blockfolio is a familiar name. The app, which was renamed FTX after being taken over by the crypto exchange, is a handy tool in the crypto trader’s arsenal. You can link your exchange account to it after which the development of the portfolio is automatically tracked.

Multiple portfolio’s

The app supports many exchanges, including Binance. But these exchanges often do not offer much detail regarding your portfolio. For example, on many exchanges you cannot see how much you are up per crypto. With FTX you can easily follow multiple portfolios and see at a glance how much your portfolio is in the plus.

If you click on a cryptocurrency in your portfolio, you will see different tabs. Here you will find, among other things, how much you are in the plus with this specific cryptocurrency, which transactions you have made and set alerts. Want to get a notification when your bitcoin goes down 20% so you can buy the dip immediately, or when bitcoin dips below a support? With the FTX app you can!

Buying Cryptocurrency with Fiat

  1. Choose the currency you wish to buy. Be sure that you have enough fiat in your wallet to buy the amount of coins you wish to purchase. 
  2. Click on the app Buy on the cryptocurrency’s chart screen. 
  3. Check that the currency selector indicates that you are buying the crypto coin with your default fiat valuta. Choose the amount that you wish to trade on the keypad. You can also select a percentage of the fiat wallet to use. Click on Review. 
  4. Double check the final details of your purchase. If you are happy with what you see, go on to submit. 
  5. Next is a confirmation screen. Click Done to check your new balance of the crypto coins in your wallet. 

News Platform in the FTX app

In addition to tracking your portfolio, you can also buy crypto within the app. But perhaps even more interesting is the clear news platform within FTX. Here you will receive updates directly from projects you follow and whose crypto you own. You will also find news from the largest international crypto news websites.

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